Investment Case

Branded business

Brand Architekts new focus is on implementing its three transformational pillars, which, in conjunction with a targeted M&A strategy, allows it to focus on building a portfolio of high performance, solution-led brands with low capital investment requirements and the potential for high financial returns.

Distinctive brand portfolio

The business has adapted its brand portfolio to focus resource and investment behind its efficacy based problem-solving solution brands. These brands engender greater consumer loyalty and higher margins. Brand Architekts’ portfolio provides branded solutions for skincare, self tan and male grooming needs.

Experienced leadership team in place

After over 2 years in their respective roles, Quentin Higham (CEO) and Thomas Carter (CFO) have put in place a structure and growth strategy that will enable the business to build scale and deliver further profitable growth.

Established relationships with retailers both domestically and internationally

Understanding the needs of retailers, and answering them with distinctive and compelling products, has been the foundation of Brand Architekts’ success to date. It also reflects the strength of relationships that the business has long enjoyed with its key customers. We will now look to build on that trust and credibility by better understanding our end consumers and their individual needs. By applying more science and analysis of data we can improve and create more powerful, sustainable brands of real substance.

Opportunities for further growth online and internationally

The increasing shift online hashighlighted the importance
of having a strong directto-consumer (DTC) reach. Integrating the InnovaDerma DTC expertise will strengthen our consumer reach and brand engagement. In parallel, we will focus on maximising our brands’ omnichannel potential in new international markets and building relationships with appropriate
distribution and retail partners.

Substantial net cash position

The Group had a net cash position on 30 June 2022 of £11.3m.

Potential for M&A

While our focus is on the integration of InnovaDerma and a strategic focus on profitability, the Group remains alert to acquisition opportunities that will further strengthen its areas of core competence.