Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders Outcomes

Customers and consumers

The Group has built long-term relationships with our customer base in the UK. Many of these relationships are built on years of trust, developing exclusive products to complement our retail customer category offerings.

As we evolve our brands to be multi-channels and develop new markets we continue to focus on forging and maintaining strong links with customers. At the same time, we are continually listening to our consumers to ensure our products meet their needs and create brand loyalty.


Brand Architekts history as a small owner-managed brands business has embedded close collaboration and respect among all our employees. We continually strive to maintain good communication and an open culture focused on building great brands for our customers and consumers. We communicate to employees regularly through local ‘town hall’ meetings, global functional webcasts, and at functional and leadership events. We also monitor employee engagement through various means, such as PDR (performance development reviews) and PDP (personal development plans) and employee surveys.


We work with a select number of suppliers both in Europe and the Far East and have developed these relationships over a number of years. We work together to ensure we create fantastic quality and value products for our consumers, with regular onsite visits for close collaboration. This approach ensures we have strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial supplier relationships sharing in achieving our corporate strategic goals.


The Chairman, CEO and CFO deliver the Group’s interim and final results in person, with presentations, Q&A sessions and roadshows for our major shareholders. We also organise ad hoc investor meetings and an Annual General Meeting in November to provide an opportunity for shareholders to meet the directors and discuss the year’s results.

Local communities

The Group is committed to working with our customers and suppliers to minimise any negative environment impacts from our products and supply chain. We are particularly focused on the minimisation of single-use plastics and the sustainability of our ingredients. We work with suppliers who share our principles in the reduction of waste and energy use in the manufacturing process. In addition, in 2020 we launch our Sustainability Blueprint Code of Conduct. The Group recognises the importance of social responsibility in its business and remains strongly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its production and design processes, and advancing its systems and policies to comply with and, wherever possible, anticipate changing legislative and customer demands. This important area is covered as part of regular team briefs to all members of staff.