Making beauty sustainable

Acting sustainably is a duty that comes naturally to Brand Architekts.

24 months on from the announcement of our Sustainable Blueprint Code of Conduct, we are proud to report that great progress has been made to make our portfolio more sustainable, whilst reducing our environmental impact

We are committed to using packaging that is recyclable, recycled or reusable and this was incorporated into all the brand relaunches.

We ensured that all new lines were made of 100% recyclable packaging and use recycled packaging or reusable packaging.

We have also taken this opportunity to educate consumers on how to responsibly dispose of products by clearly sign-posting what types of materials are used and how to dispose of the packaging. We are committed to providing clarity and transparency to our consumers.


All our plastics, or packaging made of plastic, are now 100% recyclable.


New products made of a minimum of 30% PCR.

Our actions:

Plastic reduction: 76% of our plastic packaging now contains PCR (post consumer recycled material) - excluding Christmas gifts. 90% of the plastic packaging for Super Facialist and Fish is now PCR inclusive versus less than 20% a year ago.
Eco-conscious board: Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved board is now used across all our single products and we plan to further extend this certification across the portfolio in 2023.
Raw materials transparency: Our natural brands Kind Natured, Happy Naturals and SenSpa now all feature sustainable lead ingredients with official accreditation. We have had to re-engineer some of our formulations to reflect the sustainability of key raw ingredients.
Packaging reduction: We continue to reduce, wherever possible, our packaging footprint. A recent example is the Super Facialist Clear Skin Spot Treatment and the Hexapeptide-9 Eye Cream cartons used 50% smaller boxes than previously comparable ones.
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Raise awareness: Improved transparency on our packaging and social media on our credentials and ethos.
Supplier collaboration: We are actively engaging our suppliers to make the manufacturing process more sustainable (without adding costs to the final product where possible).

Our people, culture and values

We believe that any business thrives on the diversity of its people and, very simply, we seek to mirror the society around us.

We therefore recruit and promote talent equally wherever it may come from, and regardless of gender, age, orientation, ethnicity or disability. This is not only the right thing to do; it enriches the way we think and act, and helps us never to lose sight of the customers we serve.

We also work with charity partners like CoppaFeel! who promotes breast cancer awareness among younger generations.

One benefit of the pandemic was that it showed us how employees can benefit from working from home, whilst also highlighting the need for an office. As a result of listening to our employees we have changed all employee contracts to reflect a new hybrid way of working, whilst also upgrading our London office to become a hot desk hub that encourages creativity, collaboration and training.

We have also ensured that everyone now benefits from a bi-annual PDR (performance & development review) and PDPs (personal development plans), training, fortnightly town halls and employee recognition awards.

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