Business Model

Driven by profitable growth

Resources that define us

Brand portfolio

– Strong margin-accretive problem-solving solution brands

– Strong revenue-generating portfolio, with a focus on profitability

– Multiple opportunities to enhance earnings

Our Brands

Team attributes

- Insight driven brand development

- Agility and speed to respond to market dynamics

- Entrepreneurial culture and values

About Us

Key industry relationships

- Manufacturers

- Retailers

- Distributors

- Media



- Low operational gearing/capital light/focus on margin/scalable

- Strong cash balance

How we create value – the brand life cycle

We will combine our wealth of experience in the beauty sector with a significant investment in business intelligence insights and market data.

Opportunities come in many forms, including market gaps addressable by new product development, and M&A to open new avenues. We are alert to both and have the resources to act.

From sourcing sustainable ingredients to reducing single-use plastics wherever we can, our default position is to apply high ethical standards, working with partners who share our values.

We are driven by how and where our consumers wish to buy. Our omni-channel strategy includes a major focus on growing our DTC channel, expanding our e-tailer presence and developing exclusives and value lines for high street distribution.

Social media is a tailor-made medium for us and we harness its power for awareness-raising via our own feeds, and through attracting social influencers and awards. We will also explore all other digital and above-the-line media to optimise the marketing mix.

Our focus on “fewer, bigger, better” means training our resources and energies on a tightly drawn, high-performing portfolio. This enhances efficiency and responds to the needs of our retailer partners.

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