Our five-year path to growth

Two years ago, we launched our Project 50 vision. Since the completion of the InnovaDerma acquisition in June 2022, our focus has been on realising the strategic and financial benefits of the deal.

The acquisition has allowed us to review our strategic goals and adapt them to reflect the needs of the enlarged business. Although net sales growth remains an important financial deliverable, our number one focus & priority is improving profitability.

Over the next few years, we will focus our resources on developing brands and categories that can command higher retail prices, engender strong consumer loyalty and stronger margins by delivering highly efficacious problem-solving solutions.

Brand Development


Focus on brands and products that engender high levels of consumer loyalty and reflect the redefined company purpose of focusing on high-performance problem-solving solution led brands.

Our immediate priorities

– Portfolio strategy & positioning: Invest, Nurture & Harvest

– Profitability & productivity

– Advertising and promotion

– NPD & customer insights

– M&A

Brand Reach


In today’s society we need to ensure that our customers can buy our products wherever and whenever they want. To do this we need an omnichannel distribution approach.

Our immediate priorities

– Omnichannel

– International


Environmental & Societal Responsibility


We aspire to be a leader in beauty sustainability and are committed to the journey to make a real difference. We take our role as an employer, and in society in general, seriously.

Our immediate priorities

– Sustainability pledge - packaging and ingredients