12th Dec 2022

Charlotte Connoley Resident Skin Expert

To further bring the brand mantra "Be your own Super Facialist" to life, Charlotte Connoley will now be working with Super Facialist as our resident skin expert sharing her effective techniques and advice.

Super Facialist was created based on the understanding that no two complexions are the same, and your skin needs can change day by day. Our products have been developed to be mixed and matched so you can create your ideal skincare regime, without over complicating it or breaking the bank.

Using a combination of high performing scientific ingredients, natural extracts, luxurious textures and exquisite aromas, your Super Facialist products will give you that spa-like feeling from the comfort of your bathroom – every single day.

To leverage our facialist heritage and help consumers be their own Super Facialist, we've partnered with skin expert, Charlotte Connoley.

Background in Modelling

With a background in the modelling industry, Charlotte developed a keen interest in learning all about taking care of her skin properly:

“Having had my skin frequently break out while I was modelling, I understand the impact and effect your complexion can have on confidence and self-esteem. Skincare wasn't as accessible as it is today back in the 90s, and often my make up would be taken off with baby wipes - leaving my skin sore, inflamed and congested.

Now that the skincare industry is what it is today, looking after your skin should be simple and affordable.

Knowing how to use the right products in the right order is extremely beneficial and investing in taking care of your skin is incredibly important.”

Facial Sculpting Techniques

Charlotte took herself back to college to re-train, shadowed industry elites including Nichola Joss (creator of the infamous inner facial) and even worked with luxury brands including Chanel. Having worked for over a decade on photoshoots, fashion shots and within a salon environment, Charlotte honed her facial sculpting techniques:

“I’ve been treating my clients to facial massage for a while now and I see such benefits in the way facial massage and different product application techniques transform the shape and texture of the face and skin. We hold a lot of stress and tension in our facial muscles and lymphatic drainage and lifting and sculpting techniques really help sculpt the features of the face and aid product absorption.”

Watch This Space!

We’re very excited that Charlotte will be working with Super Facialist. The team is busy planning the coming months of activity across social, PR and events with Charlotte. She comments:

“I am extremely excited to be working with Super Facialist! It is a great affordable and accessible brand with products to suit every different skin type and condition. I love the fact that each product within the range can be mixed and matched to create a personal and bespoke skincare routine for your skin, turning yourself into your very own Super Facialist at home!”

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