1st Nov 2023

Waitrose Launches The Solution

Our problem-solving-centric brand The Solution continues its distribution expansion. This time it has been listed in Waitrose.

We are very pleased to announce that three of The Solution’s body lotions and gels have just launched in 212 Waitrose stores.

The problem-solving-centric brand has gained distribution in over 20 countries over the last year and next year the brand will extend its portfolio with a Menopause range.

All The Solution formulations are 100% vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and the packaging is made from recyclable materials.

The Waitrose Listing

Collagen Perfecting Body Cream

Our fast drying, non-greasy and vegan-friendly Collagen Perfecting Body Lotion is the perfect solution for those prone to dry and sagging skin. It has been formulated with 2.1% active ingredients, including a plumping Pro-Collagen Active, elasticity boosting Sodium Lactate, and invigorating Caffeine.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Body Lotion

Our non-greasy, fast drying, vegan-friendly Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Body Lotion is the perfect solution for dry, dull skin in need of an intense moisture boost. The formulation contains 1.4% active ingredients, including hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, softening Squalene, enriching Sea Algae Complex, and moisturising Glycerine.

Salicylic Acid Clear Skin Body Gel

Our lightweight, non-sticky and vegan-friendly Salicylic Acid Clear Skin Body Gel is the perfect solution to target breakouts, excess oil and impurities on the body. It contains 1.55% active ingredients, including skin-clearing Salicylic Acid, restoring Niacinamide, and soothing Tea Tree.

The Solution is available on/in The Unexpekted Store, Amazon, Boots UK, Boots Ireland, Waitrose and other retailers/etailers in the UK and Internationally.

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