7th Sep 2023

Spotlight on Joanna Moore

In June 2022 Brand Architekts merged with InnovaDerma and one of the wonderful employees that came over when we integrated the two businesses was Joanna Moore.

When did you join BA & what is your role?

I joined Brand Architekts a year ago when it merged with InnovaDerma but I have worked with Skinny Tan since 2018. In my previous role I took care of a broader set of accounts but today my role, Senior National Account Manager, is more focused managing Boots, Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA and Next for all the key brands.

What did you do before?

I was working agency side initially managing in-store activation, experiential and merchandising programmes. Latterly, I was working in POS (Point of Sale) design and production in Health & Beauty retailers like Boots and Superdrug. I’ve worked with Boots for over 20 years now!

Tell us about a recent project you are proud of

We have done a lot of great permanent shelf tray projects lately that, in addition to really elevating the brand experience in store, have seen great sales performance improvements. If I had to pick one project, it would be what we did for Fish. It was a tricky project but we achieved a solution that maximised stock holding for store colleagues and merchandising the products at an angle so you can see the branding and the product name. It was a bit of challenge getting the Boots stakeholders on board with the unconventional design, but we got there in the end.

Any self-tanning tips you can share?

I tend to do a two-coat approach. The first day I start with a product with a guide colour. I mainly use the Tan & Tone Oil because it is so easy to apply, just 8 spritzes per limb and buff it in with the mitt and miracle brush. The second day I use a clear tanner like Coconut Water Mist (clear means no guide colour) because I feel that is the best way to achieve a dark tan. I love dark tans! Before I apply any product, I always exfoliate and moisturise my skin.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Actually, after many years of chasing results and success, I am pleased to say I have found contentment and achieved a happy work life balance. My job is very satisfying and I get to enjoy more time with family and friends.

Who has had the greatest influence on your professional life?

I have been lucky to have many great bosses past and present. I have always like to have space to get on and do my thing. If I have to mention one, it would be Laurence Stone. He was my first boss in sales and he gave me many tips and tools that I still use today.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Matlock, Derbyshire. It was mum, dad, me and my little brother. He lives in the US now. I had very supportive parents and I even worked with my dad for a few years. At 18, it was time to leave Matlock for a greater adventure. I only went as far as Derby though, for my Marketing Degree at the University and then onto London.

What are the top-3 selling points of Matlock?

1. The proximity to the Peak District

2. The combination of rural bliss yet big cities on the doorstep

3. Amazing country pubs with the best views, my #1 favourite is The Lathkil Hotel at Over Haddon.

What is your main hobby?

I love the great outdoors. I do everything from walking (with my dogs), hiking and horse-riding as often as I can. True crime novels are also a passion of mine and I also follow quite a few true crime podcasts. The gym also gets a fair share of my time.

TV shows you love?

I always have time for a good documentary or comedy depending on my mood.

Best book you have every read?

Recently, I read War Doctor by David Nott which I found very inspiring. He’s a surgeon who works across 3 London hospitals and has volunteered for past 20 year working in conflict zones across the world including Syria, Afghanistan & Yemen. He has saved hundreds of lives risking his own in the process. Most recently, he has set up a charity to fund the training of local doctors so he can impart his knowledge and techniques to save more lives.

Favourite dish or cuisine?

My last meal on earth would have to be a curry.

What is your #1 go to beauty product?

Without question, Medik8’s Vitamin C-Tetra Serum. Amazing product that I apply every morning.

An item you would never part with?

There is no material item I couldn’t be without, I’d far rather have good health.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Yes. One of my favourite celebrities is Dolly Parton. Growing up, my father only had 3 cassettes in the car, one of them was Dolly Parton so I got hooked on country music early on. It wasn’t cool to like her back then, so I had to keep it a secret. Dolly said “If you want rainbows you have to put up with the rain”.

Final thoughts to conclude this interview?

No, but I have really enjoyed it.

Thank you Joanna for sharing with us!

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